What’s makes a Flossie Tshirt?

First and foremost is the bamboo.

naturally sustainable bamboo cotton…


it’s so soft it’s like a great big hug….

You know that feeling; when you return to loved ones after a long journey.  When you’re back in your comfort zone…
everything is going to be alright.  A good day.
So….what about the fit?  For the GIRLS we’re talking boyfriend, just got out of bed.  Some super soft cotton over the skin together with some smooth talking….

OR perhaps a more fitted ‘girl about town’ affair.


AND for the BOYS


Next we have the design..that all important flavour, the vanilla essence in the icing, the perfume behind the ears.  OK, lets take the clean sharpness of a vodka lime soda (a.k.a. Skinny Bitch) together with the warmth of an ice cold beer with a good mate….
That’s what makes the world go round….

The zesty sweetness of a lemon meringue pie speaks volumes: go on, make that call!
SO…whether it’s sand between your toes or mountains to climb, click those heels, take a deep breath and put on your tshirt…..



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