I’m a London creative balancing life between Valencia and Geneva.  My influences include the Art Deco period, Jean Paul Gaultier and Saul Bass.

After studying fashion and interiors at UAL, I began buying and selling vintage clothing and interior pieces on a private client basis.

My work is a reaction to the invasiveness of modern society and how we communicate. Working in pen and ink or oil I am able to convey my thoughts and emotions through symbolic images.

For me, the essence of Flossie is the marriage of old and new; not forgetting the past as we head into the future; using our senses to look around; learning to trust our instincts and listening.

Who wears a Flossie? Well, the people who seem to like my style are independent, professional urban travellers with a creative flair who have a more subtle approach to life. They’re often opinionated, but prefer to make a statement in an understated way. A friend described it as a modern day hippie attitude to our crazy world.

The big difference for me is making each design into an exclusive, limited edition. I thought how fantastic it would be to own a Flossie and see someone else wearing one but both of you knowing that the chances of them being the same are very, very slim.

In the same way that a piece of artwork means something different to each person who sees it, so will a Flossie t-shirt.